Thursday, April 29, 2010

Victor Basa Video Scandal

Like I said before, I adore Victor Basa with all my heart. I want him, I want him, I WAAANT HIM! LOL. Even before he joined Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, Victor was already making me sweat effortlessly.

Some months back, a video was posted on X-Tube showing a man who looks like Victor Basa wanking in front of the camera. Hmmm. Too bad the video has already been taken down so I can't share it with you guys.

If you're one of the lucky ones who were able to view it, well, what can you say?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Luis Manzano Scandal

Luis Manzano is one of the hottest, sexiest Filipino celebrities today. This multi-awarded host and now an acclaimed actor (Best Supporting Actor - In My Life) has never been involved in any big celebrity scandal.

The biggest could be his much talked-about breakup with Angel Locsin. Some blind items were suggesting that the reason behind the breakup was that Luis had an affair with a Brazilian model (who was also suggested to be male). Well, it's not really new, Luis has been rumored to be gay. But the thing is, if there's no proof, it will remain a rumor. And therefore, no scandal.

Jericho Rosales Shower Scandal

Jericho Rosales is arguably the best actor of his generation. (I'm assuming John Lloyd Cruz doesn't belong to his generation, LOL.) But really, this man is really, really good. He has mad acting skills.

I remember, when I was in early college, a sex video showing an alleged Jericho Rosales circulated throughout the net. But I cannot find it now.

Jericho denied he was the guy in the video. I believe him.

But aside from a sex video, Echo has been involved in countless scandals including Heart Evangelista's supposed pregnancy back when they were still an item, his breakup with Heart, Kristine Hermosa's alleged pregnancy (back when they were still a couple), their breakup, and the rumor that he dumped Kristine for Cindy Kurleto. He really is a casanova. And a scandalous one at that.

Still, I love Jericho Rosales. I adore his body and looks. He has the strongest sex appeal. And ah, I can go on.

Enchong Dee - Victor Basa Scandal

Victor Basa is one of my showbiz crushes. There's just something in him that is soooo irresistibly attractive. Each time I see him on TV, I dream of tearing his shirt apart. LOL.

Enchong Dee is cute. His athletic background makes him so sexy. Although he's not really my type, there's no denying that this guy is hot.

Ogie Diaz released this blind item before.

ni Ogie Diaz, Wow! Ang Showbiz

Sino ang dalawang young actor na parehong magaganda ang katawan na madalas na magkasama sa mga youth-oriented drama ang hinihinalang mag-jowa na raw ngayon?

Napagkikita sila sa isang hospital nang dumalaw sabay sa kaibigan nila na may kakaibang kilos na super touchy sila na para bang merong namamagitan sa kanilang dalawa.

Maganda ang ngipin ni YA1 at si YA2, may malaking bahagi ng kanyang mukha ang very prominent. May nababasa ka ba sa mukha nila?

Nakikita sa commercial yung isa at yung isa naman, may letra sa pangalan at apelyido na pareho ang basa o pronunciation.

My guess is Enchong and Victor. Imagine Enchong Dee making love to Victor Basa! POWER! WINNER! TRUELALOO!

Hmm. But again, it's just a guess. There's no proof. We can only talk about it but it will never be a full blown scandal until there's a picture or video or something. Real or not.

JC De Vera Scandal

JC De Vera has had a rough year. A really rough year. The feud between one executive of his former home network and his talent manager started it all. And then he went missing in action. Afterwards, he was cast as part of a flop fantasy series (Panday Kids) and now he's moved to TV5.

It seems like all JC De Vera needs right now to ruin his career completely is a sex video scandal. But hey, maybe that's what he needs to jumpstart it! LOL.

Anyway, perhaps the biggest scandal he got himself into was being the person caught in between the fierce Wilma Galvante and the even fiercer Anabelle Rama. It's still not over but good thing JC id not taking the fall now.

JC is just so sexy especially when shirtless. That's all I can say.

Matteo Guidicelli Scandal

To be honest, I don't really find Matteo Guidicelli hot. He's just not my type of guy. But I'm sure many of you are craving for Matteo. This Agua Bendita leading man is set to make a name for himself, a big one, after the inspirational teleserye became a nationwide hit. He topbills the show with the very sexy Andi Eigenmann and Jason Abalos.

But it seems like this gentle-moving Italian-bred hunk/racer isn't the type who gets involved in any type of scandal. So you should make do with the almost naked picture of him above.

Chris Tiu Video Scandal

Among the celebrities today, Chris Tiu is definitely one of the hottest. He's adored not just as a host but also as a basketball star. That's why when an alleged video scandal popped out on the Internet a couple of years ago, I was not surprised. It has to be expected. Whether the video is real or not.

In 2008 a video of a man doing something naughty with his stuffed animal was uploaded on Youtube. It was titled Chris Tiu scandal. When I first heard about it, I knew it was fake. See the controversial video here.

I knew the video was not real because given Chris Tiu's background, there was really know way he would do such a thing. Heck, he can't even take his shirt off for a pictorial. That's why you haven't seen any sexy topless or shirtless photo of him.

Anyway, if you're waiting for Chris Tiu to get involved in a scandal, it's going to be a long wait. Might not happen at all.

Meanwhile, indulge in the shirtless picture of him above.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Guji Lorenzana Scandal

The first time I saw Guji Lorenzana was when he was launched as part of Star Circle Batch 16 (not sure) on ASAP 09. God, he was like my dream guy. He was tall, dark, handsome, and of course, very talented.

Immediately, I googled him and learned that he actually had a few singles out. Befriended him on Multiply right away. I was more thrilled when he was revealed to be one of the leads of the then newly launched series "Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Bud Brothers." And then months later, he starred opposite Kaye Abad on the same show.

Fortunately for Guji Lorenzana, he has not dragged himself into a scandal yet. Primarily because he's still relatively unknown in the business. And I hope he won't be involved in any. Or maybe I do, after all a big, crazy showbiz scandal is most of the time the best indicator of fame. Right?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Robi Domingo Scandal

image courtesy of

Robi Domingo is one of my teen crushes in Pinoy showbiz today. He's just so cute and his smile is so sexy. Not to mention he's smart.

Robi started as a teen housemate in the second season of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition where he emerged the second big placer, losing to Ejay Falcon. Since then, Robi has had a flourishing career starring in a number of teen drama series and even becoming a MYX VJ.

But even Robi isn't immune to scandals. Just recently, a sex video got passed on from one netizen to another. The said controversial video is said to have Robi Domingo in it, receiving a head from someone.

Check out the video here and tell us if you think this really is Robi. Because I personally believe this is a hoax.

John Lloyd Cruz - Ruffa Gutierrez Scandal

May 2009 when the issue that top Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz and fashion stylist Liz Uy had broken up. It wasn't long until a name got dragged into the issue and was blamed as the cause of the break up. The name --- Ruffa Gutierrez.

The news shocked everyone primarily because of their continental age gap. John Lloyd and Ruffa worked together on I Love Betty La Fea where John Lloyd played Armando while Ruffa, Daniella, Armando's mortal enemy who would later be revealed as his sister. It was said that John Lloyd and Ruffa got close on the set of this comedy-drama series.

However, as expected, both Ruffa and John Lloyd denied the report.

June 2009, shortly after the issue started, a picture of a couple entering a hotel popped out of nowhere. The couple was believed to be John Lloyd and Ruffa. This picture (see below) made the scandal worse. But the couple kept their silence.

Until another picture cam out, this time showing the couple's faces. There's no denying it was them.

Left with no choice, Ruffa admitted it was them but insisted they were just friends and that they accidentally met in Los Angeles that day.

John Lloyd Cruz Scandal

John Lloyd Cruz is perhaps the most bankable male star in Philippine showbiz industry today. With his top-rating television shows, blockbuster movies and countless endorsements, John Lloyd is without a doubt a money-maker.

But fame comes with a price. Several years ago an alleged sex video of John Lloyd Cruz spread in the Internet and even made its way to pirated DVDs.

However, anyone in this right mind would easily declare that it's not John Lloyd upon seeing the video.

Anyway, here's a sexy photo of John Lloyd Cruz in the shower!


Piolo Pascual - Sam Milby Scandal

Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby are two of the hottest male stars in Philippine showbiz today. Both have been highly successful in movies, television and endorsements alike. Both have been rumored gay despite their insistence that they are 100% straight.

However, in late 2007 to early 2008, Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual got involved in a scandal started by controversial Startalk host Lolit Solis. Solis, also a tabloid columnist, reported that Piolo and Sam had been seen at the Sofitel Hotel in Pasay sharing some sweet moments. The two denied the allegations almost instantaneously.

A malicious picture of Sam and Piolo also got viral in the Internet. The picture shows the two hunks holding hands. The photo turned out to be a fake.

Since then, Piolo has been the subject of many allegations, some are scandalous, that he has been romantically or sexually involved with other male celebrities including singers Erik Santos and Mark Bautista.

However, Piolo Pascual remains standing.

Anne Curtis - Richard Gutierrez Scandal

A few years ago, this video spread like wildfire in the internet. In this so called "after sex" video, Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez are seen sharing some sweet time together, kissing torridly. Anne Curtis is a hot chick. Richard Gutierrez is one sexy stud. But this video, ha, there's nothing scandalous in this video. They were just kissing. So I don't see the big deal.

Piolo Pascual Scandal

Piolo Pascual is one of the most sought-after leading men today. That's why it is almost a given that negative issues mushroom here and there just to bring him down or at least cash in on him.

This is the second alleged sex video scandal involving the very sexy Piolo Pascual. In this video, a man is seen lying in the bed while in cloud 9. The Star Magic talent has denied that he is the guy in the sex video a number of times. I believe him.