Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Enrique Gil Scandal

Rising star Enrique Gil has been around for years. He’s been one of the young heartthrobs that Star Magic and ABS-CBN have been trying to build a career for. And finally, all his hard work is starting to pay off.
It’s been an eventful year for Enrique after landing a lead role in Good Vibes opposite Sam Concepcion and in Budoy and more recently Princess and I. But one thing we love about Enrique is his magnetic presence. He has this irresistible sex appeal and thank God for Cosmo Bachelor bash, I was able to finally see him shirtless and was I drooling. Enrique is young, fresh and juicy. More daring roles for him, please!

In January 2011, a nasty rumor spread around like wildfire implicating Enrique Gil in an alleged sex scandal video. Enrique has since denied that it was him and claimed he was a "Good boy." Well, we believe him.
One of the many photos that got spread around the web after the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011.

In an interview on Gandang Gabi Vice, Enrique Gil reveals that he’s actually blonde and that he’s been constantly dyeing his hair black for a more Asian look. Vice Ganda also had that great privilege of taking a peek at Enrique’s armpits up close and personal. Wuuuuu. I envy Vice big time! I’d live in Enrique’s underarms anytime!

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