Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Heart Evangelista Scandal

I have always loved Heart Evangelista. I had followed her career since G-Mik, where she portrayed Missy, love interest of John Prats’s character Yuan. She was a breath of fresh air. She was really pretty and although there was an air of “kaartehan” in the way she moves and talks, she was very, very likeable.

But a lot has happened to Heart since then. Heart and John Prats became an item in real life, they separated, Heart was then paired with Jericho Rosales for Panday, Heart and Jericho became a real-life couple, Heart moved to GMA 7 and under the management of Anabelle Rama, her character found a new life, Heart broke off with Jericho, she was paired a couple of times with Richard Gutierrez and blah blah. Heart has been around for so many years and her career see-sawed like hell. But she proves to be formidable and strong.

In her many years in showbiz, some of the biggest hurdles she has faced were pretty scandalous. One of the most unforgettable was her alleged “pregnancy” during Panday days. Heart denied this but you know people, they will believe what they want to believe. After the denial, the grapevine produced more rumors.

Heart was also subject of criticism after dumping Anabelle Rama as her manager and decided to be managed by her mom, instead, which sent the former to a fury. Heart had been called “walang utang na loob” and “ingrate,” which is pretty natural in local showbiz. What is it with talent managers in this country that they expect their talents to stay with them forever? Duh.

Anyway, the most recent (and probably the biggest) scandal involving Heart Evangelista was the rift with Temptation Island co-star Marian Rivera. Marian and Heart said to have had a misunderstanding on the set of the movie and was not able to resolve it fully. Upon arrival at the airport, rumor has it that Heart’s mother shouted at and badmouthed Marian, which she did not appreciate. The issue exploded as more and more details were uncovered. Unfortunately, Heart was on a vacation in Brazil with boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga (another hottie!!!). Heart’s Twitter account started posting ugly and tasteless messages about Marian but Heart claimed her account was hacked and that’s exactly what she was threatened with before. When Heart arrived in the Philippines, she called for a press conference to clear her name. Whew! That was a pretty big trouble.

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